Want to double your off-market deals?

As the #1 digital marketing agency for real estate investors, we help you put more contracts on houses by generating a consistent and predictable flow of qualified motivated sellers using Facebook ads along with automated follow up systems!

We dream about off-market deals. We wake up with ROI on our minds.

We save you from manually qualifying and vetting motivated sellers. We turn driving for dollars into picking up the phone and calling qualified motivated sellers for dollars. We keep motivated sellers from looking at direct mail like hate mail.

REAL conversations with REAL People: We Qualify Every Motivated Seller Lead

Services We Offer

Landing Page / Funnel Development

We take motivated sellers from cold, to warm, to hot FASTER than any other person or agency. We design compelling landing pages that speak to the pain of people dealing with divorce, foreclosure, probate and more.

Powerful Retargeting

Motivated sellers will continue to see your ads until THEY SELL. And when you need another investor, they will continue to see your ads until THEY BUY.

Advanced Follow Up & Tracking System

We use e-mails, texts and voice broadcasts to follow up with your potential clients. And we have advanced tracking, because if it didn't get tracked, it didn't happen.

We qualify the motivated sellers then live transfer them directly to you on the spot!

Why Choose Us


Strategic Real Estate Investment Growth System

We don’t just help businesses, we TRANSFORM them.


Predictable and Consistent Results

No more wondering when the leads will come, where they will come from or how you will get them.


We Optimize to Revolutionize

Customized plans help you understand and overcome challenges using our solutions.

Meet Our CEO Alvin D. Tucker II

Alvin has excelled in sales and marketing for a decade. He first came to understand the value and importance of real estate investors when his dad sold his grandmother’s house (because she moved into a nursing home) to a real estate investor and used the money to send Alvin to one of the best high schools in the country (Georgetown Prep). 

We as an organization understand that your work/service changing LIVES! We also understand that people really need your help. So, Alvin has instilled in our team to help as many experienced investors as humanly possible help motivated sellers out of tough situations.

We work with full-time investors, who consistently close deals every month. We help winners win MORE!


We pride ourselves on our client-centric philosophy. Clients hire us for our heads (strategic ideas) rather than just our hands (production). We go where others only dare. We pioneer forward, rebelling against convention. We do this with bravery, ambition and just the right amount of swagger. As creative renegades, we take risks. We rewrite rules. We come up with bold ideas that take on conventionally-steered ships.


Why Now?

The biggest mistake your business can make is not having an online advertising strategy. The most common misconception about social media is that it’s “optional” or not necessary for growing a successful business. Nothing could be further from the truth (if you like making money!). “The Phone has become the TV, and the TV has become the Radio.”

If you want to reach an audience successfully, you have to take up real estate (pun intended) where their attention is focused, social media. Seriously, what are the chances? You seek someone to turn your digital needs into roof-raising realities. And here we are, a humble band of digital originals, pushing the limits of our craft to drive brands, fuel prosperity, and create profound and measurable value. Coincidence? We think not.


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